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Transformational Technology Consulting

Sometimes, the technology is the easy part. Working with management to determine the true size, shape and direction of business initiatives is often the initial challenge. When additional subject matter expertise is required, it's good to have access to select partners already on the same page.




Del Mar Research & Consulting is best known for enabling client’s next level growth with specialized marketing and business development. The company provides consulting and advisory services, workshops and seminars. Its industry portfolio includes financial services, software, hardware, wireless data telecommunications with clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. More information is available at www.delmarresearch.com.




Van Tyne Consulting helps corporations realize their user experience strategy - bridging Marketing and Technology - marrying Product Management frameworks to Development best practices.

Van Tyne Consulting helps solve business-critical problems where people intersect with technology. We help make complex solutions simple and simple solutions empowering. Van Tyne Consulting helps you develop and realize your corporate user experience strategy; develop your user experience direction; and improve processes to meet your market, customers', and end-users' needs.


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